Who Is Behind SOOKIbaby Clothing?

Published: 12th April 2011
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The woman behind SOOKIbaby Clothing is Dijana Dotur. This exceptional clothing line for children is not only popular in Australia but you can find SOOKIbaby Clothing designs all over the world. If you want your baby to look super cute and not be charged high prices, then SOOKIbaby Clothing will certainly be able to meet that need.

SOOKIbaby Clothing Experience and Partnerships

Baby clothing is important to every parent. They want their child to be protected as well as look good in their clothes. Depending on the weather, clothes need to withstand the climate and wear and tear so that oneís child doesnít become affected by it. When the founder of SOOKlbaby began her journey, she really focused on childrenís design. This enabled her to see what was functional, durable and fashionable for children. During her experimental time, she met her future partners which would then go on to help her to create the brand SOOKlbaby as we know it today.

Expanding SOOKIbaby Clothing

Dotur was gifted when it came to baby clothing. She had the right designs which allowed babies to stay incredibly comfortable and cute. Not after long SOOKIbabyís inception, these clothes were sold in major retail stores in Australia and around the world. This clothing line for babies and toddlers was brought to independent retailers all across Australia too. Soon after, big name department store, Myer, decided to pick up this brand and re-launch it as SOOKIbaby Clothing. The lineís name was named after Doturís second child.

The Success of SOOKIbaby Clothing

SOOKlbaby has been successful throughout the years because of its ability to be diverse. You can dress your baby up or down with these pieces. You will also not have to sacrifice quality for price as these adorable outfits are sold at a reasonable price point which really boosts their popularity with mums and dads alike. This can be confirmed as SOOKIbaby has been sold all over the world, including at online baby clothing retailers. If you are looking for baby clothing that letís your baby stay comfortable all day long, SOOKlbaby is definitely the best place to start looking to build your childís wardrobe.

SOOKIbaby clothing has had an interesting history and with that Australian mums continue to benefit from the brandís hard work and design. There would be no SOOKIbaby without Dijana Dotur. Her perseverance and excellent team at SOOKIbaby clothing has enabled her to grow creatively and offer unique designs at reasonable prices for people all over the world to dress their tiny tribe tots in.

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